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Welcome to arima fund

Securing your financial future

Welcome to Arima

We are a membership based investment club seeking to enable our members achieve financial stability, security and independence.

We are run professionally through a Governance Committee and a dedicated Secretariat. We seek to be the investment home of choice for our members. Our members are our key priority in what we do.

We have been able to establish a proven track record for our members and have achieved above average market returns. We have been able to tailor investment structures and strategies that meet the investment needs of our members.


Investment Opportunities for our Members

We have designed investment structures that allow our members to invest into the opportunities that we identify. Some of the opportunities are unique to Arima and allow our members to earn superior returns to other conventional investment products.

Our investments are typically long-term. If you have been approved to join as a member, please click on the link to register and begin on your investment journey with us.

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Membership to Arima requires a personal invite by an existing member and requires to be approved by our Governance Committee.

Some of the benefits of becoming a member of Arima include:

1. Pooling of resources to invest in more strategic and lucrative opportunities

2. Team experience of individuals tasked with managing the investments of Arima. This includes a Governance Committee and a dedicated Secretariat.

3. Administration – Arima members are able to have access to their individual statements including records of contributions and distribution of earnings through the member portal on the Arima Website.

4. Member education on investments.

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