Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Arima?

Arima is a investment group that was established in September 2014 with the aim of enabling its members to achieve financial stability, security and independence.

Arima is managed through a Governance Committee. Arima also has a dedicated Secretariat responsible for the day to day operations of Arima.

Arima is presently focused on investments into and in partnership with ACTSERV. ACTSERV is an actuarial consulting firm with over 20 years of consulting experience in the pension, insurance and investments.

Membership to Arima is private. Based on opportunities identified by Arima, the Governance Committee may approve new members into the group. Every potential new member must be introduced by an existing member.

Members in Arima benefit in the following ways:
Pooling – By pooling resources, members are able to invest in more strategic and lucrative opportunities.
Strong Management – Arima is managed by a team of experienced individuals and has in place an established Governance committee tasked with oversight of its investment and a Secretariat to manage its day to day operations.
Experience and Exposure – Investments in partnership with ACTSERV provide unique investment opportunities for Arima. ACTSERV has a proven track record as a consultancy firm of more than 20 years in the East Africa region.
Administration – Arima members are able to have access to their individual statements including records of contributions and distribution of earnings through the member portal on the Arima Website.

Arima has a preference for long-term investments. We are glad that we have been able to achieve returns of upto 15% p.a for our members.

Once a member is approved, there are generally no minimal requirements on the amounts to be invested.

A member may contribute at such frequency as is convenient to them ranging from:
One-off lumpsum amounts
Monthly contributions
Daily contributions
Weekly contributions
Quarterly contributions
With the chosen structure, a member can still change their investment structure as their needs change according to their convenience.

Once a member ceases contributing, the amounts contributed continue to accrue their share of earnings.

There are no penalties for non contribution or inconsistent contributions.

Member may choose to liquidate their invested funds. Liquidation requests are made through the Secretariat. Funds are generally processed and released within 3 – 7 working days. However, large liquidation amounts may take longer which will be communicated at the time of making the liquidation request.
Charges are normally applicable on liquidation of investments.

Yes, Arima also accepts members in the diaspora provided they meet the membership requirements and have been introduced by a nexisting member.
Diaspora members are able to keep track of their investments through the member portal and are also able to participate in member activities through various online forums organised by Arima.

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